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Do you have some old coins you inherited or personally collected? Would you like to get the most cash for your rare coins? Would you like to sell you coins directly to buyers without hassles?  Would you like to buy your coins directly from the source and avoid dealer markups?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you have come to the right source.

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Our Mission

bulletTo become the best place to sell or buy your rare coins
bulletFor sellers to make the most profit
bulletFor buyers to get great coins at great prices and fair grades
bulletTo transact business in the fastest, easiest and most secure method possible

Company Profile

Greg McVay began collecting coins in  the early sixties, when silver was just being taken out circulation.  It was a family hobby..  Over the years he learned and collected various coins and was fascinated with the history and the thoughts of how many people have come in contact, or not in contact (uncirculated) with the coins.  Coins are flashback in our nation's and world history. 

Greg also happens to be the president of a software company CIA, Inc.( ) and a services company McSource Technologies ( ).  This gave him access to the latest tools for:

bulletdeveloping web sites
bulletonline auctioning 
bulletonline research

This helped lead to accurately determining values and of course buying and selling coins online with Ebay and other auction sources.  Friends and family asked if he would help them sell their coins.  So successful has this endeavor become that he decided to take it to the public and provide the same benefits to you, our valued customers.

We are members of NGC, ANACS and ICG Coin Grading services.  If we feel a coin will receive more value by placing it in a holder and the cost is justified then we will highly recommend this procedure.  Coin grading is very subjective and this helps solidify true grades for a coin and therefore helps the customer to achieve higher prices at auction time.  This can take up to a month longer to sell a coin, but may well be worth the time and expense (from $15 to $50).

Simply make a list of your coins (or we will if you do not feel you have the time or knowledge).  Ship us your coins via either insured mail, UPS, Fedex or any other air carrier.  We will determine an approximate value for your coins, digitally photograph the coins, list the coins on Ebay or the best auction site for your coins with the best descriptions, handle collecting the funds, packaging (coin holders) and bubble wrapped envelopes and of course mailing you your check.  We take 30% of the gross sale (the selling price before any charges for paypal or credit cards fees).  If the item does not sell we will absorb the listing fees if you permit us to start the listing at a dollar.  If you have a minimum listing price or a reserve price then you will be charged the listing fee.

Another option you have is to list your coins with us on our own web site, free of charge.  There is no listing fee and you can determine the exact selling price you wish to receive.  We take 30% of the gross selling price upon sale, or will return the item or re-list at an auction site per your request.

In the rare instance that a coin does not happen to sell then you have the option of paying for the return shipping or paying to have it re-listed.  Failure to pay for return shipping will result in to take ownership of the coin.

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505 Mill St, Coraopolis, PA 15108
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